Puppy Kindergarten

Our Puppy Kindergarten allows puppies as young as 12 weeks old to learn vital socialization and life skills! This 6-week course will help your new furry friend discover how to correctly socialize with other dogs, to curb unwanted behaviors & to begin learning basic obedience.

Life Skills

Our life skills course will transform your fluffy roommate from your shoe chewer to your best friend. This 6-week session provides the fundamentals to becoming a well-trained member of society. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to teach and fine-tune your favorite companion

Life Skills II

This is a continuation of the “Life Skills” class. By the end of this six week course your dog will be on their best behavior in your home as well as in public! Your dog will learn how to act around strangers (both human and K9). This class will include off-site visits so they can be trained in real life situations. Finally, at the conclusion of the course you and your roommate will be given the “Canine Good Citizenship” test to see what all you have both learned!

Play & Train

Love one (or all) of the options above but don’t have the time to attend a weekly night class? No problem! Our play & train program allows you to drop off for daycare and receive a one-on-one training session throughout the day. By the end of the day your pup will be worn out from daycare and more trained than when you dropped off. This program follows the same curriculum as the classes while allowing you the convenience of not having to block off an hour of your time throughout the week.
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